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Russian Pointe Rubin Details

Russian Pointe Rubin features a wide toe platform and low crown.

Russian Pointe Rubin also boasts a pre-arched shape that mimics the shape of the foot on pointe, enhancing longevity while minimizing break-in. Dancers with high arches will experience decreased pressure on the front of the foot. Dancers with very low arches will find it easier to reach full pointe.

The sleek and elegant pleatless toe platform on the Russian Pointe Rubin pointe shoe eliminates fringing, improves balance, and enhances the appearance of the dancer’s elegant foot lines.

Russian Pointe Rubin features include:
* Pre-arched
* Low crown
* Wide toe platform
* Color: Pink

Frequently Asked Questions

Russian Pointe Rubin V-Cut vs U-Cut
Russian Pointe Rubin vs Brava
Russian Pointe Shoe Size Chart and Sizing Tips

Russian Pointe Rubin V-cut vs. U-cut… what is the difference?

The main difference is the Russian Pointe U-cut has a drawstring and fits a wider variety of foot shapes. The V-cut has no drawstring and larger wings.

If the V-cut is improperly fit it will gap at the sides, making the “perfect fit” imperative. I often modify the width when fitting with the V-cut.

If the dancer is having difficulty getting on the box, the U-shape is definitely my first choice.

What is the difference between Russian Pointe Rubin vs Brava?

Russian Pointe Rubin is usually a good fit for the shallow instep as it has a low crown. The broad pleatless toe box is especially good for pirouettes and sturdy balance. Its unique appearance on pointe makes this shoe standout from many other brands.

Russian Pointe Brava is also a broad toe box but has a higher crown to accommodate a fuller instep and often can help the dancer get on their box easier.

Both models can fit average width feet and there are 6 widths to choose from. As a fitter, I often choose the Rubin for a strong, well-developed foot. I consider Brava a little easier to get on pointe because there is more room in the crown to roll forward. Both models are well suited for the dancer that has more even toes.

Russian Pointe size chart and sizing tips

Sizing of pointe shoes can vary depending on the toe pad used. However, the chart below is a good general starting point.

34, for example, refers to an adult ladies size 4. The sizing chart is in reference to pointe shoes only.

At Loretta’s Dance Boutique, we sell pointe shoes in women’s sizes only because children’s muscles aren’t developed enough to dance in pointe shoes. By the time girls are ready to dance on pointe, they fit into ladies sizing.

Russian Pointe Size – Ladies Regular Shoe Size
34 – 4
34.5 – 4.5
35 – 5
36 – 5.5/6
37 – 6.5
37.5 – 7
38 – 7.5
39 – 8
40 – 8.5
41 – 9/9.5
42 – 10
43 – 10.5
44 – 11

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