Russian Pointe Encore


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Russian Pointe Encore Details

Russian Pointe Encore pointe shoe is classic yet contemporary!

Russian Pointe Encore combines a streamlined low crown with a moderately tapered box and medium platform, to suit dancers with tapered toes or one or two even-length toes, and shallow to slightly full feet.

Russian Pointe Encore features include:
– Tapered shape from metatarsal area to heel accommodates the “diamond” foot.
– Pre-arched construction throughout that mimics the shape of the foot on pointe.
– Next-generation shanks provide flexibility and durability.
– Color: Pink

Frequently Asked Questions

Russian Pointe size chart and sizing tips

Sizing of pointe shoes can vary depending on the toe pad used. However, the chart below is a good general starting point.

34, for example, refers to an adult ladies size 4. The sizing chart is in reference to pointe shoes only.

At Loretta’s Dance Boutique, we sell pointe shoes in women’s sizes only because children’s muscles aren’t developed enough to dance in pointe shoes. By the time girls are ready to dance on pointe, they fit into ladies sizing.

Russian Pointe Size – Ladies Regular Shoe Size
34 – 4
34.5 – 4.5
35 – 5
36 – 5.5/6
37 – 6.5
37.5 – 7
38 – 7.5
39 – 8
40 – 8.5
41 – 9/9.5
42 – 10
43 – 10.5
44 – 11

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