Bloch S0350G Annie – Girls Tap Shoe


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Bloch S0350G Annie - Girls Tap Shoe Details

Bloch Annie Tyette Tap Shoe

Bloch Annie S0350G Tap Shoe is a synthetic leather, introductory children’s tap shoe that features:

  • The two sides of the upper are fastened together with an elastic strip featuring a snap design as well as a ribbon which has been threaded through the eyelets and tied in a bow to conceal the elastic
  • Bloch’s techno tap plates
  • Soft cashmere lining and padded insole for comfort and to reduce moisture
  • A non-slip pro balance pad has been added to the resin outsole to smooth out weight transference
  • The back of the shoe has no seam lines in lining and an extra piece of black leather to secure the heel and minimise rubbing

Bloch Annie S0350G Tap Shoe for Kids | Sizing Information & Suggestions

  • Girls size 10 – 11/2 start with 1/2 size larger than street shoe size.
  • Girls size 2 – 3 1/2 start with 3 full sizes larger than street shoe size which means they would have to take a ladies size.