Bloch Pointe Shoes

Bloch pointe shoes have been hand made for ballet and dance professionals since 1932.

Bloch pointe ballet shoes combine all the important factors we look for in a pointe show: balance satin elegance, strong construction and comfort.

At Loretta’s Dance, we understand the demands of pointe work and appreciate that Bloch designs their dance shoes to reduce injury. Bloch ballet pointes are designed to help dancers progress from novice to professional and to help correct foot positions to create perfect leg lines. You can select the right shank strength, throat shapes and toe box shapes to give you the confidence to deliver that perfect performance.

Bloch’s demi-pointe, soft-block ballet shoes allow ballerinas to transition from ballet flats to pointe, developing foot strength and the confidence to rise up. Bloch also offers pointe shoe accessories such as toe pads, spacers and gel strips to relieve pressure on areas while en pointe as well as replacement ribbons. If you require any advice on fitting or the customization of Bloch pointe shoes, please contact us.

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  • bloch es0160l european balance pointe shoe

    Bloch ES0160L European Balance Pointe Shoe

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  • Bloch S0109L Hannah Pointe Shoe

    Bloch S0109L Hannah Pointe Shoe

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  • bloch-s0172L-eurostretch-pointe-shoe

    Bloch S0172L Eurostretch Pointe Shoe

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  • bloch S01732L dramatica II pointe shoe

    Bloch S01732L Dramatica II Pointe Shoe

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